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@MR.Crafty Productions

In this game, you need to destroy all the blocks to continue to the next level. This game has 16 different levels. You can save the game at any time & quit by pausing the game by clicking the "Escape" button, then click quit and save! The black blocks are unbreakable & other blocks are breakable! I hope you enjoy it! 

Notes: The first 8 levels don't look good!
If you can't move the paddle try to pause and unpause the game, and it will work fine!
You can restart the game at any time, by clicking "Escape" to pause the game then click restart!

Important: There will be no more updates for this game, because I didn't like it!


Brebocks x86 V1.2.rar 14 MB


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Pretty good, I like it :)


Thank you so much Minelordsuniverse! Your comment means a lot to me! Stay active for the new upcoming games! They will be so much better than this game!